Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bill Gates Wife Fetches Water With 20Ltr Bucket on Her Head In Malawi — See photos

Melinda Gates, the wife of the world’s richest man Bill Gates surprised many when she tried fetching water by carrying a bucket weighing 20 litres on her head on a short walk during her visit to Malawi.
Despite her status as been married to the richest man in the world, Melinda didn’t just carry the bucket on her head but also helped in washing dishes and stayed in the home of a couple in a village.
During my stay with the Gawanini family in Malawi, I joined the women collecting drinking water. I carried 20 liters and it was tough. Meanwhile, Chrissy (middle) is carrying about 40 liters. Many women do this every day,’ she said of her experience.

Speaking further, Melinda said, ‘Helping wash the dishes during my homestay in Malawi. Women spend much of the day cooking and then cleaning up. It’s a reminder that it’s a lot more time consuming to do dishes when you can’t just turn on a faucet.

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